The Classical Connection

Rick Wakeman, seven times voted the world’s greatest keyboard player, performs a series of outstanding new interpretations of some of his best loved works. Featuring songs rearranged in classical virtuoso style, this performance provides new insights into both the composer and the compositions, displaying a completely new aspect of Rick’s prodigious talent. David Paton’s bass and classical guitar work, brilliantly supports Rick, enhancing the performances and maintaining a link with Wakeman’s classic rock origins.
Introduced throughout by Rick himself, Classical Connection is laced with hilarious on-the-road anecdotes and fascinating glimpses into the inspiration behind the music. Classical Connection was recorded live at the opening of Rick’s 1991 European Tour and provides a unique opportunity to share in the mirth and music of this maestro of the keyboards. Titles that feature in this film are as follows : Merlin The Magician – Sea Horses – Eleanor Rigby – 1984 – After The Ball – Summertime.