Rick’s Plaice (Season 2: Episode 1)

In 2005 in a studio far, far away, (Norfolk), an elderly musician would broadcast and stream “Rick’s Plaice” to the world on Saturday Morning. Nobody really knew who he was, but a select few believed him to be the alter ego “Hands Solo” named after his exploits on the Mini Moog. Fraught with danger, he was constantly under attack from the owners of the planet known as “ROCK” for flying too close to the surface of decency and in 2010 was eventually banished to the galaxy known as “Grumpy” where, for the last 10 years, he has secretly plotted a return to the airwaves and now the time has come for the launch of a second series of Rick’s Plaice in his new dwelling. So, if you had much fun watching the previous shows with all of the live music performances, guided tours around the equipment, facts about musicians Rick has worked with, then you will have enjoyed them as much as Rick enjoyed making them! In this second series launch we are introduced to a slightly different format than its forerunner. In this episode Rick pays homage to vocalist Ashley Holt and Gary Pickford Hopkins, we visit the Gas Tank series with a clip of Ian Paice (Deep Purple) Hayley Sanderson is the featured vocalist and we are treated to a unique performance from Rick in his all new ‘Inspired’ concept.