A Little Night Music

Back in the early eighties, a wonderful TV series called A Little Night Music, filmed in Birmingham had quite an assortment of musical styles over the weeks that the series ran. The performance was recorded live at Pebble Mill in Birmingham and a small budget was given to Rick to do some orchestrations for the additional orchestral musicians that were booked to perform with a children’s choir. The evening went really well, however a little sad as narrator Robert Powell has just lost his father due to a long illness and so ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’ took on a new and very special meaning that night. Seen here in its original aspect ratio of 4:3. The set list is as follows : Seahorses – Merlin the Magician – Elgin Mansions – Bedtime Stories – Gone But Not Forgotten – Gold & Black Pearls – Catherine Howard – Gray’s Elegy (with Robert Powell) – After The Ball.