Classic Rock Legends

Join Rick as he performs a powerful set featuring the very best of Rick Wakeman live in concert. In the late 1980’s Central Music began putting together the roster for a series which would showcase the best of British Classic Rock. That series was designed to be broadcast on television for the mass audience, then released on video, laser disc and CD for the fans. Although the tv broadcasts were a great success the video and album releases never really enjoyed the same prominence. Scattered across a number of labels in different countries, Bedrock failed to achieve the impact that this marvellous series deserved. Although every show was cleared for video release some great titles never saw the light of day. Now with the advent of ‘downloads’ and the Internet, it has been possible to bring together this all new hard to find concert that Rick performed in the television studio back in the late eighties. With many titles from the tv series now lost, we are pleased to at least have the delights of this particular concert. The set list is as follows : Catherine Parr – Elizabethan Rock – Make Me A Woman – Anne Boleyn – Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. Special Feature (below) shows other artist from same tv show series. DVD artwork by Roger Dean.
Aspect Ratio in its original square format of 4:3. Stereo.