Out There (Rick Wakeman & The New English Rock Ensemble)

Rick Wakeman’s return to YES in June of 2002 coincided with the completion of the recording of ‘Out There’, his first progressive rock album with his own band for 26 years. In true Wakeman tradition, ‘Out There’ is a musical concept continued from where he left off in 1976 with his quest for the origins of all music with ‘No Earthly Connection’ which sold in excess of five million copies worldwide. The highly antiscipated concept movie ‘Out There’ has been crafted together with high-end computer graphics, studio recordings and outstanding footage from the vaults of the NASA archives to create this, the very first, ‘Progressive Rock DVD Album’, presented in crisp three-dimensional sound. The track list is as follows : Out There – The Mission – To Be With You – Universe Of Sound – Music Of Love – The Cathedral Of The Sky. Attached within this purchase is the ‘Out There’ Concept, the story behind the making of the album and subsequent live tour.
Aspect ratio : 16:9 Running time : 100 mins.