Rick Wakeman – Live at The Maltings 1976

This was a very interesting film, as the show was recorded at the Maltings in Farnham in the early evening and was actually broadcast the same evening, around 11pm. There is very little on the film that includes the brass section of Reg Brooks and the late Martin Shields and so it was a time when the ERE was going through quite a metamorphism with a new guitar player as well, John ‘Dusty’ Dunsterville who was a very funny guy in many respects and his rendition of the Johnny Cash classic ‘I Walk the Line’ was a regular occurrence on stage and indeed appears towards the end of this concert too! Seen here in its aspect ratio of the day, in 4:3. The set list is as follows : Journey Medley – Journey Overture – The Hansbach – The Realisation – Lancelot & the Black Knight – The Spaceman – Catherine Parr – The Prisoner – Merlin the Magician.