Rick Wakeman – 1975 Live At The Empire Pool King Arthur On Ice

There was just three performances of King Arthur on Ice and it was crucified by the media even before the opening night! However, ticket sales were unprecedented. This was regarded as a high point for Rick in his career and still speaks highly of it even today. Thanks to people like Tony Burdfield at A&M Records, the band itself, the conductor David Measham and the English Chamber Choir and the foresight of Alan Tentob, who filmed much of the show for the BBC, the memory still lives on. Presented here in its original aspect ratio of the day, 4:3. The set list is as follows : Free Song – The Battle – Catherine Howard – Anne Boleyn –
Lamorak’s March – Rick’s Charleston – Arthur – Lady Of The Lake – Guinevere – Sir Lancelot & the Black Knight – Sir Galahad – The Last Battle.