Face To Face – Bruce Welch

‘Face To Face’ presenter Rick Wakeman has most certainly established himself as one of Rock’s most charismatic figures. Having spent most of his life (as have many other musicians) talking to journalists, Face To Face replaces the journalist, with the musician…that’s Rick Wakeman.

A series of TV shows produced by the Classic Media Group and recorded at the legendary Shepperton Film Studios. ‘Face To Face’, presented by rock legend Rick Wakeman features a stellar line-up of guests. Each episode reveals some of the most interesting, candid and in-depth interviews with major recording artists ever to grace our screens. ‘Face To Face’ truly does put a face to the name and profiles the careers of legends, presenting an insight into the minds of the masters of music! In this episode we meet Bruce Welch from the Shadows fame.

Running time : 52 minutes